Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I sell my clothes to you?

No, we cannot, because Kilo-Shop is a franchise and we are
being exclusively supplied by Kilo-Shop France.

Can I order online?

Unfortunately we can’t accept orders, because the uniqueness of the clothes demands your physical presence in the store to try on the clothes and to confirm the right fit.

We are looking forward to you visiting our store!

4. Do you have sales?

Kilo-Shop has affordable prices throughtout the year, therefore it doesn’t take part in sales periods. At various times some collections are on special offer.

5. Are the clothes new or used?

All clothes are new from dead stock or second hand in excellent condition.

6. Is it possible to change or return items?

We don’t accept changes or returns for obvious reasons.

7. Can I buy less than a kilo?

Of course, you can. You pay by weight the piece/-es you have chosen.
For example, you can buy only one piece, which weighs a few grams.